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Financial Institutions

australia financial institutions

Usually, the income is paid via direct deposit into your bank account. While applying for visa, we can also create a bank account for you through Traveltowork, which could take up to 5 days. This way you will have a bank account ready before taking off to Australia, and can start working as soon as you get there.
For more information, email or phone one of the Visa First teams.

The number of financial service providers in Australia continues to grow: banks, credit unions, finance companies, life insurance companies offer a variety of products and services to help customers, such as:

• Transactional Accounts- include access by paper transactions, PC banking, online services, telephone banking, automatic telling machines (ATM), Electronic Fund Transfer at Point of Sale (EFTPOS).

• Credit Cards- include Bankcard (domestic card), Visa and MasterCard accepted by majority of businesses, and the not so widely-used American Express and Diners Club.

• Investment Accounts- includes a wide range of savings products, cash management accounts, managed funds and term investments. Most banks have licensed financial planners and investment advisors.

• Lending Products- range from overdraft, housing loans, personal loans to business term loans, international trade facilities (transactional and currency options) and capital equipment financing (known as leasing finance). Interest rates can be variable or fixed for term.

TransferMate Ltd is an international foreign exchange specialist that provides faster and cheaper transfer service than the bank. With over 200,000 international payments annually, over 65,000 clients and an international network of offices in the US, Europe, UK, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and China, TransferMate is now one of the world's largest international payment providers. For questions and concerns, leave a quick message, and someone will get back to you soon to help with your queries. You can also call at 01 635 3700 (in Dublin), 0207 659 9185 (in London) and 02 9037 2735 (in Sydney).