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australia education

The Australian education has a pretty high standard and has become a benchmark for other countries in a number of areas such as curriculum and assessment.
As a migrant, it is mandatory to enroll your children in school-either public (state government) or private (independent). While the public schools are usually free with small voluntary annual fees, the private ones have their own rates. However, depending on your visa type, you may have to pay the full price-even in public schools.
To enroll your children in school, you will need to have report cards or statements from previous schools and possibly samples of their work.
Depending on the state, children begin school at the age of 5 or 6. A variety of pre-school options are available, including kindergarten (age 3 or 4) and preschool (age 5). Children must attend school until they are 15 years old, although some complete their schooling at age 17. Then, they can move to tertiary study at universities, Technical & Further Education Colleges (TAFE) or private institutions. Needless to say, before enrolling your child in school, do a detailed research about these institutions, talk to people, visit the schools, meet the principals, etc.